Aug 01

The view on the 14th floor: Quotes from my first Keiretsu meeting

At the start of writing social media columns for this blog, I had a 30,000-foot view of Keiretsu and what it is about. I am not a certified investor. I am a writer. I deal in high volumes of words, not profits. I calculate commentary, not ratio of diluted or non-diluted funds. I create buzz with multi-platform marketing strategies, not patents with phased government testing. I don’t operate in the stratosphere of packing checkbooks capable of multiplying many times over in a single stroke. I observe. I imagined the meetings would look like Shark Tank without cameras as skeptical millionaires dissect spreadsheets.

The view on the 14th floor was grand: an impressive building hovering over a skyline with one billboard close enough to read: Fearless. The room was filled. Smart, accomplished investors who were quick to acknowledge what they don’t know. Eager, careful pitch perfectionists full of hyperbole, facts and innovative spirit. Aspiring young infiltrators with a fresh voice and ravenous presence. I’d hope to be a young infiltrator.

Some of the quotes from the meeting:

“Know who we are. Common sense would suggest since we are A and B round, we look at A and B deals.”

“$25,000 is not our space. Not that we’re trying to demean that activity.”

“If it only takes $15 million to get to the next phase, that’s impressive.”

“There’s no angel group with more money.”

“The numbers seem screwed up. There has to me more than what’s on the sheet.”

“I’m glad you’re here because I don’t understand any of this.”

Phonetically: Kuh-ret-soo

Real quotes, out of context, but they give unmatched insight into the frank, insightful commentary that Keiretsu is dealing in. They mean business.

The meeting was filled with dungeons of information, trapped behind context and backstory, but simple enough to pull out nuggets of insight.

I was impressed that I wasn’t the only one who was hopelessly lost on some of the topics. I was equally impressed to hear complicated subjects explained with such simplicity that even I could grasp it. There is strong collaboration, focused facilitation and genuine enthusiasm.

I always had more questions than I had time to ask, and more answers than I had time to digest.

It was exhilarating.

Rochelle Gilken is a social media consultant, strategist, storyteller, wordsmith and consultant based in West Palm Beach FL. She is a regular contributor to this blog as our Social Media columnist. She can be reached at rochellegilken@icloud.com.

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