Jun 27

Part 1: Making a match with timing, luck & the 1st salesman

 Making a match: Timing, Luck & The First Salesman  PART 1 OF 2

Entrepreneurs are always looking for insights into what investors are looking for. Investors are always looking for entrepreneurs they can win with.

They need a way to meet, speak the same language and relate to each other.

Enter Marc Kramer.

Kramer has a lifetime of experience, beginning with a startup at the school newspaper in high school. He is the executive director of the Private Investors Forum and now runs the Angel Investor Fair.

When it comes to making a match, it’s about the sales pitch.

For entrepreneurs:

“I’m always looking for someone smart, with good sales skills, not just good technical skills. The CEO is the main salesperson for the business. If they can’t sell their concept to investors, employees, the media and customers, the business can’t be successful.”

For investors:

“My biggest thing is only invest in things you understand and can really make a difference. Don’t invest in anything where you can’t help sales. Go into something where you can pick up the phone and call people. That will help drive sales, enhancing chances of success many fold. Just going to sit in a room and give them advice on how to manage isn’t going to do very well. Your investment’s not going to do well.”

Kramer has seen his share of success as well as missteps. For every opportunity that came through with sales at the perfect time, there’s one that seemed like a good idea that didn’t. One of the biggest factors that determines the difference: good old fashioned luck. And timing.

He said that for people starting out, the best advice is to take a job with someone who is more successful in the business to learn as much as you can. Build off of that knowledge, take a few small steps pursuing it part-time until you can show results and dive in full-time.

Don’t worry about being first, he said. Many people will jockey to be the first ones to show up with money, but often times it pays to take a more reserved approach, watch the first round and make adjustments.



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