Jul 14

I don’t know what to post: 7 ways to get noticed on social media


Think of social media as a big, hungry beast that needs to be fed. Your job is to prepare the meals. You could hire the top chef in the world and have a fancy meal prepared, perhaps caviar with perfectly placed garnishes on the plate. It takes the chef a lot of time, preparation and expertise to get the flavors just right. When the beast gets it, is he happy? No. He wants to eat when his friends eat. He wants enough food each day, at all meal times. There’s a rhythm to his eating. No perfect meal will compensate for all of that hunger.

Your fanciest meal, your best marketing material, likely has limited value on social media if there isn’t frequent interaction. It is not meant to be a receptacle of marketing material. It’s meant to be an engaging, valuable tool that adds a personal, casual voice to the underlying marketing message.

The beast has to be fed.

Everyday, 500 million tweets are posted and 58 million photos are posted on Instagram. The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes a day on the news feed.

And yet many business leaders say they’re too busy for it, don’t know what to post or get lost in the noise.

The beast is hungry. It got one great meal six months ago, while other beasts get to eat daily, satisfying meals. Find something to post and make it stick out and fit in with the sea of social media information overload. There are opportunities to find content to post in front of you each day. Here’s an idea for a good meal for each day of the week.

  1. Trending topics – The quickest, simplest shortcut to find the topic that people are talking about is to play off a topic or hashtag that is already popular. However, always check first. Pay attention to why something is trending. If the name of a city is trending, don’t post about the wonderful services you offer there if the reason for it is a tragedy. A good example is National Donut Day, a silly distinction. If you sell auto parts, post a picture of a car donut.
  2. Your employees – Your workforce has a voice and firsthand knowledge of dealing with your company. Engage them and set up safe ground rules and expectations for sharing information about the company. It can be part of their job description.
  3. Holidays – Every holiday from July 4 to New Year’s to the first day of school is an opportunity to enter the social media conversation, connect a holiday tradition with your organization and offer a friendly message that gives your feed flow and structure. Another great idea is to celebrate your organization’s birthday or anniversary as part of the social media strategy.
  4. Fun facts – Fun facts give a snapshot and are fun for people, especially when it is information they wouldn’t have known otherwise or something that they could or would easily go and share with someone.
  5. Behind the scenes – People love to get a peek behind the curtain of how things are done at your organization.
  6. Ask a question – Do you have a question for your customers/clients/partners? Is there something you’ve wanted them to get feedback on? Ask. Don’t ask for the sake of a compliment. Ask for the sake of interaction. If you’re having a meeting about an upcoming event and deciding on whether to get food trucks or snack trays, pose the question on social media.
  7. Throwbacks. Go through the past, even from the prior year, and share a success that you still want to promote.



Rochelle E.B. Gilken is a social media consultant, strategist, storyteller, wordsmith and consultant based in West Palm Beach FL. She is a regular contributor to this blog as our Social Media columnist. She can be reached at rochellegilken@icloud.com.


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