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Apr 18

To Patent or not to Patent

 Whether the patent process is worthwhile and beneficial depends on the inventor, the opportunity and the timing. Deciding to go through with the process can be intimidating, costly and time-consuming. That’s why I decided to call Danielle Williams, an attorney at Winston and Strawn who has handled dozens of patent cases. Some of the benefits: …

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Feb 20

The moment I realized innovation isn’t everything

By Solomon Brenner One of the best parts of my investment life is writing this blog. I love talking to people, hearing their perspective and sharing those insights with other fans of angel investing. This blog is truly a passion. It should come as no surprise then that my favorite TV show is Shark Tank, …

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Feb 01

It’s not science. It’s success in quadrant 2 with Adam Carver from angellist

It’s not science. It’s success in quadrant 2 2/2 Adam Carver’s life experiences led him to the place where he is now, as an owner/operator with AngelList. One decision in another direction could’ve turned his career onto a completely different course. As he navigated his way through the investing world, he picked up insightful observations …

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Jan 24

Mr carvers journey to becoming an Angel

Pt. 1 of 2 Every time I talk to someone for this blog, my first question is to ask them to walk me through the journey that led them to angel investing. They talk through their resume and muse about how a bad break here led to a good one there and everything lined into …

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Jan 18

The mistake we make reading body language

We asked business psychologist Merom Klein (Bio at the Bottom) for that subtle clue people reveal about their nature through body language: the head nod, rushed speech, eye contact. His answer: “The big myth is that you’re going to be able to read body language or an intonation or someone says ‘um’ or they gesture …

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Jan 18

Agility vs false confidence: The $85 Yukon watermelon

The Financial Post reported about a rare delicacy, a watermelon, flown in to a grocery store in the Northern Yukon. Like a sleek Italian sports car, it sat in the showroom – too expensive for any local resident to buy. Residents asked if they could buy a single slice, and the store manager refused. Until …

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Dec 16

The answer to success or failure… It’s always the same:

The answer to success or failure… It’s always the same: “It’s always the entrepreneur. Who are the people? To me, that’s the whole thing.” That’s what Tim Keane said about halfway through our conversation. The first few minutes, he talked about the intricacies of a QSBS exit strategy without having to pay capital gains taxes. …

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Dec 12

Title: An unaffordable omelette, one empty pocket and hustle

Title: An unaffordable omelette, one empty pocket and hustle It was the mid-1990s. Before 6 Degrees of Wayne Kimmel, he was a man, in a hotel lobby, hoping to catch a break. The business elite in town were all around him eating $18 omelettes. Kimmel couldn’t afford one. He had one empty pocket and another …

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Oct 19

Show me something besides money

  Investing according to Frank……. He has a private equity fund, specializing in markets such as manufacturing, metal trading and medical devices. Their philosophy of investing is based on 3 principles: Work with excellent people with a proven track record The people who are partners also invest meaningful amounts The fund team can add value …

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Sep 06

It’s not hunger or grit. The one thing that determines success

  I read David Rose’s New York Times bestselling books: Angel Investing and The Startup Checklist. Then I wrote my own checklist of things to do: Call David Rose Ask him to do an interview with me for this blog. Find out what else he knows. Why did I want to talk to him so …

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