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Aug 07

Mind Share and more: What happens at a Keiretsu meeting

Welcome to Keiretsu. If you’ve never been to a meeting, here’s an insider’s view. The meeting starts with greetings, informal meetings and light breakfast items. Keiretsu is not a networking group. It is an event management group, a facilitation meeting. It is the largest angel investment organization in North America. At the Philadelphia location, Howard …

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Jul 26

84 coffee dates to Philly Startup Leaders

Yuval had a problem. She majored in strategic communications and took a few jobs that she liked, but didn’t see herself staying in. She explored what career might suit her best. After 84 coffee dates in 3 months, she said, “I realized I was just talking to entrepreneurs by the end. Everyone was in the …

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Jul 19

3 Knockout Words For Every Investor and Entrepeneur To Use on Day One

They all sounded good. All of them. I entered the world of angel investing 18 months ago and came to the immediate conclusion that every company seemed like a good idea. It’s like when I first started training in karate and thought every punch would result in a knockout. Surely, every opportunity wasn’t going to …

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Jul 12

Beyond the due diligence report

. The guru of due diligence reports, the man known for thorough research and reconnaissance at Kieretsu is Howard Lubert. At one point, he took a look at some of his investments and compared them to others that were more successful and he found one consistent pattern that determined whether a venture was successful or …

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Jun 27

Part 1: Making a match with timing, luck & the 1st salesman

 Making a match: Timing, Luck & The First Salesman  PART 1 OF 2 Entrepreneurs are always looking for insights into what investors are looking for. Investors are always looking for entrepreneurs they can win with. They need a way to meet, speak the same language and relate to each other. Enter Marc Kramer. Kramer has …

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Jun 13

Top 3 Things a CFO Looks For In An Investment

Top 3 Things a CFO Looks For In An Investment   Below are some key takeaways from my interview with Vince Leusner, angel investor for the past 7 years and CFO for hire. Be sure to check out the recording below for the full un-edited interview. What is a CFO for hire? A CFO is …

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Jun 07

The mistake we make reading body language

We asked business psychologist Merom Klein for that subtle clue people reveal about their nature through body language: the head nod, rushed speech, eye contact. His answer: “The big myth is that you’re going to be able to read body language or an intonation, or someone says ‘um’ or they gesture in a certain way …

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Jun 02

About is dedicated to helping startups and Angel professionals grow business and wealth by facilitating introductions and sharing how successful people work and how they have failed. That’s right: Failed. Every investor we’ve talked to says they learn more from failures than successes and we are here to aggregate that knowledge and help you navigate …

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