Jan 24

Mr carvers journey to becoming an Angel

Adam carver at AngelList

Adam carver at AngelList

Pt. 1 of 2

Every time I talk to someone for this blog, my first question is to ask them to walk me through the journey that led them to angel investing. They talk through their resume and muse about how a bad break here led to a good one there and everything lined into place to get to here and now.

I often enjoy those moments of hearing the journey, because while the advice I receive and share here is

invaluable, the life stories are always fascinating and at the heart of what investing is about. The people.

Take my recent talk with Adam Carver. In just a minute of quickly zipping through his life, he explained:

Started in financial

Discovered entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan

Worked with phD’s

Won a lot of business plan competitions


Entrepreneurship is an easy career

Ditched finance

Moved into startups

That didn’t go anywhere

Landed a job at “techtar?

Gained momentum

Wanted to try hand at investing instead of operating

Made a hybrid transition

In March moved over to AngelList, hybrid of operator/investor

 In just a few sentences, I heard a lifetime of decisions and movement and opportunities and ups and downs and turns and adjustments. While Adam’s journey is unique to him, the story is what life is about for all of us.

The experiences that shaped him will help determine what and how he invests now. He pointed out people use generally the same filter about choosing opportunities with big, disruptive potential and an air of excitement. But which investment fills that description is a very subjective determination. Investors have to figure that out for themselves. Create your own assumptions, iterate on those, hypothesize, identify good character traits, believe. Keep the faith for two to three years to find out if you’re right.

“Figuring it out in investing is a very expensive experiment.” But it’s worth every step of the journey.

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