Jul 26

84 coffee dates to Philly Startup Leaders


Yuval had a problem. She majored in strategic communications and took a few jobs that she liked, but didn’t see herself staying in. She explored what career might suit her best. After 84 coffee dates in 3 months, she said, “I realized I was just talking to entrepreneurs by the end. Everyone was in the startup community – people who love their job, love what they’re doing, work really hard, passionate about what they’re solving.”

Yuval’s solution: Philly Startup Leaders

She even raised the money for her salary so she could work full-time at PSL.

“I felt like I just wanted to get it done now. I didn’t want to wait a long time before I could impact an organization.”

Philly Startup Leaders exists to market, connect and educate the startup community in Philly. The ultimate goal is to create more successful startups, to increase awareness that Philly is a good place to build a company, to introduce companies to available resources.

“People come to us often as a one stop shop,” she said.

She compares her role to traffic cops: sending people to other people, connecting them, pointing the way to resources.

As much as there are great resources and tips for starting up, we asked Yuval for examples of 4 non-starters:

  1. When people ask for names, company names, but don’t write them down
  2. When people don’t follow up until they need something
  3. When people don’t say thank you
  4. When people are seeking advice, but spend most of the time talking about their company

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